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Pre-operative Clearance Physicals

In today's world, many of us want a more toned and appealing physique.  Unfortunately, diet and exercise alone is not always enough to achieve your desired outcome.  Liposuction, BBL, Tummy Tucks, Breast augmentation, and facial reconstruction have become popular trends. 


Are you embarrassed to request clearance from your PCP?

Are you Tired of hearing your Doctor say "Just exercise and eat right." or " I don't think you need surgery."?

We know how stressful planning for surgery can be. With first-hand knowledge, and having performed countless pre-op clearance exams,  the Nurse Practitioners at Vain can assist with your plastic surgery clearance needs.  Whether you are traveling to Miami, The Carribeans, or outside of the U.S. for your surgery, we can help! 

At this time, we are accepting clients on an individual basis.  Because every plastic surgeon may require different labs, we cannot give a specific rate until your clearance form has been reviewed. 

We have the ability to :

  • Order labs( 2-4 day turnaround for results)

  • Send client for Xrays

  •  Intake history & perform physical exams

  • Sign off on clearance forms ( while most facilities  will allow Nurse Practitioners to sign off  on clearance forms, we recommend you contact your surgeon's office to confirm.)

  • Refer you to a specialist if needed

  • Submit completed forms to surgeon's office